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Through The Night by Darrell Thorpe @DarrellThorpe2

  • Dec 11, 2020
  • Pop
  • English
Main info
Genre Pop
Language English
Use for
  • Gaming
  • Compilation
  • Commercial
  • Film
  • Ringtone
master track available no
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Danceable
  • Energetic
Voice male
Release date 2021
Release artist Darrell Thorpe
Licensing info
Published by ASCAP and The Harry Fox Agency Publisher, Yvonne Wilcox Pen Name
Song Description
From Darrell Thorpe - I wrote the song because there are times the nights are long and mornings thinking he need someone to hold me tight. But only if I could get Through the Night. Without thinking I need that and being a single man. Lord help me get Through the Night.
Through The Night Remix Mega Mike Productions
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