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Freeman’s compositions are a fresh injection of the organically-created, original sound that takes the listener on a modern artistic journey. His songs offer a brand of variety for audiences from ages 8 to 80.His current project, Decca 4 Generations, is a tribute to the musical accomplishments of his family and the era in which they lived. The project is being developed through Freeman’s production company, Innovation making a joyful noise (iMAJN) and his concept group iMAJN Nation. In several of the songs in this project, Freeman integrates isolated performances of his great uncle’s trombone solo’s. Freeman has had some time now to ingest a full understanding and appreciation for the impact his musical relatives had on generations both past and present. He is also aware of the era of American history in which his family thrived. His ancestors were children living during WWI and, not only endured the hardships of the depression and WWII, they faced the realities of being a black American throughout their lives. Freeman is both proud and inspired by their life stories, which makes the Decca 4 Generations particularly important for him and all who will have the opportunity to hear his reverent homage using live musicians playing a storied compilation of his now unlocked compositions in the jazz and smooth jazz or new pop neo jazz genre’s.