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R&E A.K.A RUMANETSA&ENCHEV The european hip - hop/ dance project R&E awarded by BBC for the most popular duet in 2007, now goes International with 3 songs: By the sea featured by the world famous rapper TURBO B from SNAP! and Miss you featured by HADDAWAY and COOLIO and “Sexy You” feat. Greg Bannis ex voice of “Hot Chocolate”. R&E have celebrated their tenth anniversary of their successful musical career in 2007 and were the first hip-hop band from eastern Europe to appear on MTV. Together they have had over 1900 concerts, five albums ( R&E 1 in 2001; R& E 2 in 2003, the extremely successful third album “Ethno”in 2006, Together Forever (The Best) in 2008 and “The sun and you” in 2011. Their 2000 record, when their song Pipni me tuk (Touch me right here) was played 800 times per week over a period of three months, has remained unbroken. As owners of a club , hosts of their own TV show, owners of 2 recording studios and winners in t many contests and holders of many other awards in Bulgaria and Europe they have become idols of the young generation for more than 15 years, and even recommended and approved by parents! R&E are a Bulgarian and a Romanian and are said to be the fastest rapping artists in Europe. In 2007 they did the voiceover for the cartoon “Arthur and the Minimoys” made by the world famous film director Luc Besson and the voiceover of the cartoon bestseller “Rio” and “Rio”2 in 2011 and 2014. The guarantee that R&E brand sells are more than 15 commercials they took part in for brands like: Nestle , Nokia, Vivacom, Chippi, Madok, Happy, Princes, Albena... The boys made up their own musical style and public image with their attractive hairstyles that impressed even Wesley Snipes. In their personal life George Enchev is an economist, member of the boards of Music author (the author’s society) and Prophon - ( the producer and artist’s society) and Andrian Rachev is a lawyer.

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SELECT MUSIC MEDIA is a record label , that also provides producing and promoting services, company created with the main purpose of discovering and developing the musical talent of young artists. Its owners believe that there is a star in every person that needs just a little help to shine out. Adrian Rachev and George Enchev (R&E) transfered the experience and prestige gained over the years in their music business, creating their own label, Select Music Media, in 2004. Their aim is to discover and develop the talent of young performers. The company has a short but rich musical history: numerous published albums and compilations add up to a great amount of original music and hundredth of organized concerts. SMM has worked both with young and established artists and is an active member of all local and international industry organizations. The positive image and the prestige of our managers as well as our young and motivated team are our main asset and our most powerful weapon. SMM is one of the few musical companies in Bulgaria that have managed to establish themselves firmly on the market and is now an active player introducing modern, innovative and unique products and artists, young promotor that organized concerts for names like: SNAP, HADDAWAY, COOLIO,C-Block, MORANDI, ICE MC, DOWN LOW, MR.BIG, HOT CHOCOLATE, ANDREA BANICA, Otilia SYOS and more..