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Music Producer
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Dance Electronica
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Dance Electronica  

Personal profile

Mark Summers is a former UK club DJ and producer, label owner of SCORCCiO Records. He then transformed the House/EDM label into SCORCCiO Sample Replays, the first ever company to offer this unique production service. With skills gained from sound engineering and production at Sir George Martin's Air Lyndhurst studios, Mark is recognised as having the best ears and techniques to achieve the best sample replays in the world.

Company profile

SCORCCiO is the leader in sample replay services. Specialists in vocal soundalikes, 70's disco classics, 80's pop hits - you name it, we can remake it. Over 600 replays since 1996 - Pitbull, Fatboy Slim, Duck Sauce, The Prodigy, DJ Fresh, Bob Sinclar amongst many other top name international clients. We have a global network of studios, vocalists and musicians in London, Barcelona and New York.