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Volkan Gücer

  • 2013-10-29
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Volkan Gücer
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I played flutes in live concerts of Agricantus, Milagro Acustico and Dreamin Istanbul. Also in recording sessions of various albums. Duduk, duduk-like Clarinet, Kaval and experimental Irish whistle player seeking studio sessions in Cologne. Available to travel to France, Belgium, Holland and other places. In the sound demos you will hear ; KHYAM : Low Irish Whistle (oriental scales) IKI AILE : Klarinet performed like duduk CHINESE : Hu-Lu-Si (Chinese Membrane Flute) AGRICANTUS DUDUK Armenian duduk AGRICANTUS ITALY LIVE Irish Low Whistles in world style (live stage performance) I also try to perform; Oriental, Celtic, Turkish, Armenian, Native American, Asian styles... Good for fusion recording and stage projects. Please ask for more sound demos. Also check videos : Turkish style reed kaval performance : Oriental style Irish Low Whistle Performance : More info about Volkan Gücer's Ethnic Flute Instruments :
iki aile yeni mix
Agricantus ITALY LIVE Flutesmix
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Votes and comments

Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers 17-02-12 22:14
"Volkan knows what he's doing with these unusual instruments."
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 16-09-13 15:47
"lovely sounds"
Touraine Shaffer
Touraine Shaffer 15-10-24 20:26
"Some of your demos are soundtrack scene interludes. I can visualize them already"
Paul van Ackeren
Paul van Ackeren 15-02-20 14:40
"Your music is breathing very beautifully, it made me just close my eyes and listen!"
Jürgen J. Fischer
Jürgen J. Fischer 15-01-17 11:28
"Sounds great, all pieces!"
George Mikhail
George Mikhail 14-01-02 06:33
Frank Miedema
Frank Miedema 13-11-13 13:40
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 13-10-07 14:04
"Peaceful sounds."
Xenia Markella
Xenia Markella 13-05-10 18:25
Christine Ben-Ameh
Christine Ben-Ameh 13-05-06 20:09
Jay Nichols
Jay Nichols 12-12-04 15:07
"Wonderful performance here!"
Andrew James Liles
Andrew James Liles 12-10-17 15:42
"How did I miss this portion of your profile??? Wonderful performances!"
Ömer Oral
Ömer Oral 12-09-25 07:22
Yeshi Cetinbas
Yeshi Cetinbas 12-06-12 00:16
"great music, wonderful composer, inspiring fluteplayer......full of love & inspiration.......thank you for your music"
Pierre Poupart
Pierre Poupart 12-06-04 14:24
Dara Sepehri
Dara Sepehri 12-05-08 09:32
Önder Bilge
Önder Bilge 12-04-27 10:57