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  • Feb 24, 2022
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Country Italy
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SBIEZZI (black pepper in southern Sicilian), is the new album by Unnaddarè, available on all digital platforms The album, which marks the return of the collective founded and led by Maurizio Catania 15 years after the debut album 'Kalsa' (Megasound / Egea) appreciated and reviewed by the main World Music magazines in Europe and the United States, is set in the deep south of Mediterranean Europe, a crossroads of cultural and commercial exchanges, of different languages ​​and sounds. Produced by Stanislao 'Spike' Costabile and Maurizio Catania, 'Sbiezzi' contains 10 tracks, whose minimal and visionary lyrics in Sicilian, Arabic, Turkish and Genoese (with the reinterpretation of the piece Megu Megun by Fabrizio De Andrè) blend with sounds and electronic rhythms, traditional instruments of the Mediterranean area and digital instruments. More than 20 musicians participated in the album, a real musical laboratory in which each guest gave their own musicality, contributing to the continuation of the sound journey called 'Mediterranean World Beat' of which Maurizio Catania and Unnaddarè have been representatives for many years. . Unnaddarè were born in the mid-00s. They published ... more credits releases February 25, 2022 Adriana Persico: voice (01, 02, 07) Vera Di Lecce: voice (04, 09, 10) Eda Özbakay: voice (03) Terry Gisi: voice (08) Marwan Samer: voice (06) oud (05, 06) Lucrezia Testa Iannilli: brushes bodhran (07) Gianluca Ferrante: bass (01, 07) sinth (01) Francesco Abbatiello: bass (05, 06) Giuseppe Guglielmino: bass (02) Alessandro Luci: bass (08) Federico Carra: bass ( 04) Maurizio Perrone: double bass (09) Flaviano Vitulli: electric guitar Martino Cappelli: mandolin and bouzuki (03, 04, 10) Antonio Bevacqua: bouzuki (01, 09) colascione (01, 07) Mario Pio Mancini: mandola (08 ) Bob Salmieri: ney (02) tanbur and esraj (08) Andrea Pullone: ​​saz (02) Giuseppe 'Spedino' Moffa: bagpipes (03) Volkan Gucer: kaval and pku (04, 10) Patrick Novara: Galician gaita (07) ciaramella molisana (09) Antonino Lo Cascio: additional beat and fx, sinth (09), beat programming and sinth (10) Stanislao 'Spike' Costabile: beat, programming, sinth, fx Maurizio Catania: voice, sinth, percussion, bass ( 03), samples, progr amming Produced by Stanislao 'Spike' Costabile and Maurizio Catania Mixed by Stanislao 'Spike' Costabile Mastered by Bruno Avramo 'Forma D'Onda' Studio Roma Written by Maurizio Catania
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Michael Leahy
Michael Leahy 6/16/22 3:35 PM
"I love the opening riff on the oud (?). It's nicely produced. Could be great for summer festivals."
Mario Christiani
Mario Christiani 2/24/22 3:45 PM