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  • Jan 8, 2015
    • Rap
  • Solo artist
  • Rap
Type Solo artist
Country Turkey
  • Turkish
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Bilgin Özçalkan, also known by his stage name Ceza (pronounced je-ZAH, Turkish for 'punishment'), is a Turkish rapper. His albums have featured many artists including Tech N9ne, Sezen Aksu, Killa Hakan, and his sister Ayben. His song titled "Holocaust" was featured in the film Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul by Turkish German director Fatih Akın, and was included on the official soundtrack. Ceza's collaboration with Dr. Fuchs as the group Nefret was instrumental in the advent of 'Oriental hip hop' in Germany. As Ceza became increasingly popular and young Turkish immigrants in Germany came to identify more with their Turkish roots and culture, 'Oriental hip hop' was born. The central shift was "the rejection of African-American samples in favor of samples drawn from Turkish Arabesk and pop" and this was "emblematic of the blending of diasporic Black culture and diasporic Turkish culture."
Ceza - 02 Yerli plaka
Ceza - 06 Dark places ft. Tech N9ne
Ceza - 03 Gelsin Hayat Bildigi gibi ft. Sezen Aksu
Ceza - 10 Fark var
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Volkan Gücer 7/15/19 9:02 PM
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Jirus Junior 1/8/15 1:30 PM
"Super Tight!!!"