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Pale Crow

  • Apr 9, 2016
    • Alternative
    • Rock
  • Band
Pale Crow
  • Alternative
  • Rock
Type Band
Country Russian Federation
  • English
  • Business Services
  • Live
It's a high-quality rock which has become popular on the local stage extremely fast. Please give a listen to them. We are looking for all types of international collaboration.
03_-_Homeless Freedom
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College Radio Network
College Radio Network 4/28/19 11:55 AM
"Send your songs for radio airplay to"
Marilyn Oakley
Marilyn Oakley 4/27/19 4:30 PM
Geradin Foster
Geradin Foster 4/27/19 1:01 PM
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 8/11/16 10:47 AM
"Good rock!"
Björn Djerf
Björn Djerf 5/15/16 4:47 AM
Twin League
Twin League 5/3/16 6:48 AM
"Well done!!"
Jürgen J. Fischer
Jürgen J. Fischer 4/18/16 3:43 PM
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 4/18/16 3:35 PM
"Very good rock stuff !!"
Jutta König
Jutta König 4/18/16 1:34 PM
"Jo, das rockt!"
Mario Christiani
Mario Christiani 4/14/16 1:40 PM
Paweł Tomaszewski
Paweł Tomaszewski 4/11/16 5:35 AM
"rock !!!!"
Michal Rutkowski
Michal Rutkowski 4/9/16 11:33 AM
"It's a lot of the Soundgarden/Tad/MindFunk & SubPop sound from the early 90-s mixed with modern punk influences. I like it. It sounds really good!"