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Audio Engineer
Main genre
Language skills
English   Russian  
Education   Recording Studio   Music Producer   Composer   Singer Songwriter  
Indie   Blues   Gospel & Religious   World   Rap   Country   Musical   Rock   Jingles   Classical   R&B   Folk   Hip-Hop   House   Techno   Soundtrack   Instrumental   Jazz   Pop   Soul   Rock & Roll   Latin   Brit-Pop   Easy Listening   Dance Electronica   Funk  

Personal profile

Professional Mixing&Mastering engineer, studio owner.

Company profile

EKmixmaster - hybride analog with digital studio owned and operated by international audio mixing and mastering engineer Elijah Kuttikhen. Online music post production services for independent artists and labels. Within 12 years in industry EKmixmaster studio expanded clients list with number of record labels around the globe and dozens happy return clients!