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Anna started playing piano at 5, as she was born in the artistic family of a pianist and an artist. Her grandfather was also a composer, conductor and co-founder of the local opera-house, so is no surprise she had her first award at 6. Later her composer's talent was discovered and she took part in many national and international competitions, and was awarded from the Bulgarian Union of Composers at 11. She graduated piano at the Secondary Music School and composition at the National Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria. Meanwhile Anna Bo started playing keyboards for various bands, including D2, Ostava, Mortal Remains, Alien Industry and others... Unfortunately some unspoken censorship over artists singing in english failed the release of the album. Anna Bo also participated in several master classes for contemporary music in Poland, Germany, Austria, Finland and @IRCAM, France where she worked with composers like Jonathan Harvey, Michael Jarrell, Helmut Lachenmann, Mark Andre, Toshio Hosokawa and Liza Lim. She's also responsible for the audio design on the great artist H.R.Giger 's website ( )

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