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Carlos Barreto Xavier was born in Goa, India, June 23, 1969. He began his musical studies at the Conservatory of Music of Regional Covilha subsequently completed at the National Conservatory of Lisbon. Resides in Setubal since 1999 where he functions in the Department of Art, School of Education, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal. Coauthor with Peter Valada of school textbooks "Music to call" for the Text Editor, is a researcher of the relationship between pop music and music education in primary, having produced the dissertation "The pop bands in the context of the classroom". Develops artistic activity as a producer, arranger and composer, working with Antonio Chainho, Marta Dias, Katia Guerreiro, Hands on Aproach, Saints and Sinners, Angels, Dolphins, Ritual Tejo, Cristina Pato, Virginia Rose, John 's Island, Jorge Roque, Helena Kupert and Radiophone. Since 2011 he is a professor on a voluntary basis of "Tuniseti" - Tuna University Senior Montijo.

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