About Music2Deal

Music2Deal is the exclusive music industry network – it combines a community to connect with other professionals from the music industry and a marketplace to make deals happen! There thousands professional members in the community who are able to discover and offer artists, music, licenses and vocalists and to find new business contacts on an international level as Music2Deal have more than 20 local representative.

Who uses Music2Deal?

To join Music2Deal you need to be involved in the music industry: A&R executives from independent and major record companies, music publishers, agents, producers, managers, promoters, distributors and import/exporters from every music genre as well as for music buyers from other fields and industries, including advertising, video and game companies, film and TV producers. Your references are going to be checked at the registration process.

Connect with these Music2Deal members + thousands more!

Why you should use Music2Deal

Because good contacts are a key to success. On Music2Deal you'll connect with others in the music business and find partners for new and existing projects - nationally and internationally - you make the deals!

View & Connect with Members

Find business partners from all areas of the music industry. Use the search tool (above) to find what you need whether for partnering, collaborating, new projects, or just to extend your network.

Offer & Explore Artists

Bands, solo acts, music projects - and the upcoming stars of tomorrow. Use the search tool (above) to find the right artist or the right opportunities to promote your artists or discover new ones.

Pitch or Find Songs

Songs available to artists, projects, songwriters, composers, and more. Use the search tool (above) and find the songs you need.

License Music

Find music for compilations, movies, TV, games, commercials and ringtones. Use the search tool (above) and find license music from others for your specific project.

The Perfect Voice

Search for vocalists for studio and live performances. Looking for that perfect voice? Use the search tool (above) to find the right vocalist or the right opportunities for your vocalist.

Don’t miss business opportunities of your business friends

You are connected with your business friends on facebook, LinkedIn, via Email and Skype but are you sure to know about all music and job opportunity of your friends? See if your business friends offer or request music instead of only seeing who has a new friend like on every community. Stay in touch with your business friends about the important things to make DEALS happen. In your pinboard on Music2Deal you could filter to see everything your connected business partners are searching and offering which may give you new and interesting business opportunities.

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Benefit from the Matching Tool for the music industry

Music2Deal members see which of the 10,000 music proven music professionals match their needs and who is offering exactly what they’re looking for, whether it be a type of song for a project or signing their next business deal. As a member you can see:

  • who matches your business
  • which of them is looking for your music
  • or offers the music you need
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Your profile and your offers and wants from all 5 sections will be matched with those of other users!


Joining Music2Deal is FREE. But members with a Premium Membership enjoy additional privileges. You can have all of the benefits of a Premium Membership, either by purchasing 'credits' or by inviting music industry friends to join Music2Deal. For more information about membership and the corresponding prices click here