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MADZIA - Życia lepszy sens

  • Jul 22, 2014
  • Pop
  • Polish
MADZIA - Życia lepszy sens
Main info
Genre Pop
Language Polish
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Calm
  • Groovy
  • Relaxed
Voice female
Release date 2013
Release artist MANIA
Song Description
The track was created for people who are too quick to give up. Life can surprise us, however, we should not lose hope. Each of us must fight to the end, risk, pursue the objective. The song "Living a better sense of" aims to raise awareness doubting people that need their dreams, goals, and not worry about the worse at times;).
Author info
Music is my whole life. I can not imagine life without music, without lyrics overcrowded huge feelings. Tracks are built for people who need support and help, because not always cope with everyday problems. However, they should not give up. In difficult moments, I encourage you to listen to songs, and probably help;)
M A D Z I A-Życia lepszy sens
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Votes and comments

College Radio Network
College Radio Network 4/17/18 7:56 AM
"good job"
Ariane Michaelis
Ariane Michaelis 12/19/15 12:01 AM
"Thank you!"
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 9/5/15 11:52 AM
Thomas Alexander
Thomas Alexander 7/19/15 3:55 PM
"I like it!!!!!"
Eddy B. Walding
Eddy B. Walding 7/14/15 12:32 PM
Rico Dawson
Rico Dawson 7/2/15 1:35 PM
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers 6/16/15 2:01 PM
"It's a little bit repetitive. Some nice ideas."
Javier Garcia - Verdugo Sanchez
Javier Garcia - Verdugo Sanchez 6/12/15 5:36 PM
"Excellent !!!"
Shariff James
Shariff James 5/31/15 1:22 PM
Jürgen J. Fischer
Jürgen J. Fischer 5/31/15 6:36 AM
Electric Blue Waves
Electric Blue Waves 5/28/15 1:04 PM
"Cool track. Great voice!"
Brian Cranford
Brian Cranford 4/16/15 3:51 PM
 Steve Eller
Steve Eller 4/9/15 4:11 PM
Carlo Captain Karenza
Carlo Captain Karenza 3/24/15 3:47 PM
"Great melodic song! My compliments!!!"
Jochen Schaumann
Jochen Schaumann 3/10/15 12:33 PM
"Gute Ansätze, originelle Ideen, aber ich würde noch am Arrangement etwas feilen.."
cesli vane
cesli vane 2/24/15 8:47 AM
"Felicitous P@L"
Tyler Ling
Tyler Ling 2/23/15 4:34 PM
Twin League
Twin League 1/22/15 9:25 PM
Specify Music
Specify Music 1/9/15 9:48 PM
"Nice work!"
Horst Lemke
Horst Lemke 1/6/15 12:34 PM
"Song okay, Vocals a little bit with Delay..."