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"Andymian" music project Elzbieta Mierzynska - vocals, percussion - lyrics Andrzej "Andymian" Mierzynski - keyboards (synthesizers), percussion - music The Andymian Group is composed of Elizabeth (Elzbieta) Mierzynska & Andrew (Andrzej) Mierzynski. They first met while performing in an experimental music group. Elizabeth writes lyrics and sings with a fondness for vocal improv and small percussion instruments. Andrew is a musician and a composer currently exploring electronic synthesizers. For many years, Elizabeth and Andrew worked in the newspaper industry; she as a journalist and he as a computer graphic designer. Yet, music and multimedia are their passion to which they devote all their free time. Together they create musical and visual projects and they create illustratory music with vocals. They have recorded 13 albums CD. They are authors and directors of unusual projects, like a program about rescuing historical railway stations which involves music, picture and print and a program about blind people’s lives.Together with photographers from Chicago and Polish Radio Chicago 1030 AM, they created an artistic event titled: “Olsztyn - Chicago Ticket”. The production included music and photographs and emerged from an internet collaboration between creative people in Poland and USA. They have organized street performances with the modern dance theater, artistic events with the fire theater in gothic castle ruins and they even performed a piece dedicated to the astronomer Copernicus in a planetarium. They enjoy working with artists in different fields such as, alternative music, theater, modern dance, graphics, photography, and film. They think that artists are free and music is the universal language.