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I make songs of various genres. We accept composition to mix arrangement. I would like to work with licensors, publishers, labels, record companies, music producers, management companies, and other music-related companies. The sound of snuggling up to the scenery you have seen. Japan's only pop-instrumental instrument for nylon string guitars! We are doing streets and live all over the country. # Live on the street From time to time, the number 6 on the iTunes jazz chart for English, cooking, Kansai TV event theme song composition, Eiken Level 2, cook license

Профиль компании

https://www.licensequote.com/pub/Hotgood-music/licensing/ Sound source production in an old house atelier that is not an old folk house! It is a music label "Hot good-music", which is represented by Atsuyoshi Ohashi. We accept sound source production, mix, and recording.