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  • Aug 3, 2020
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Country Italy
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INNER SKIN is born late 2018 from a previous musical project started by Alberto Frasson in 2013. The meeting with the drummer Giorgio Ranciaro takes place in 2018, IN ROME (IT), thanks to intermediation by the artistic producer of the band, Fabio Trentini. The band immediately devotes itself to produce some singles. "Whispers" and "Once" being the first ones, then “POISON” and “BROTHERS” with the videoclips. The result is a modern and never predictable alternative rock. Alberto Frasson: an eclectic and visionary singer/composer, presents himself with a sort of musical "virginity". His strength is an almost romantic and enchanted approach to this new journey. MUSIC PRODUCER
Fabio Trentini: bass/guitar player, is an internationally active producer and a musician who has collaborated with the likes of The Guano Apes, Mr.Mister, The Footprints, H-Blockx, Stick Men and many others...
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