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I began my musical career at Conservatorio di Mantova in 1985, attending the courses of classic guitar. In 1988, I switched to contemporary music, modern styles of jazz improvisation, harmony and composition.In 1990 I specialized in fingerpicking style under the guide of Deborah Koopermann, and thereafter I began an intense activity of live performing and studio session recordings. Between 1995 and 2001 I specialized in electronic and concrete music, DAW and studio productions and arrangements. In the same period I achieved a master at Università Degli Studi di Parma with a specialization in Classic Litterature and Ancient History.In 2005 I changed the level of my commitment: I founded the independent Publishing Group SFEM (Sara Ferrari Ed. Musicali), which is nowadays active in classical and new wave music publishing and is active in Italy and Europe. My current responsibility in this company is A&R management and direction of classical projects in collaboration with EMI Italy srl and Fondazione Casa della Musica di Parma. I also represent SFEM as project manager at MIDEM (FR) and Popkomm (DE). In 2008 I founded the independent label "The Lads Productions srl", based in Parma (IT). The aim of the company is production, development and management of new wave and alternative rock bands and projects. Since 2008 I have had the role of Art Director of the label and Chief of International Operations: in 2011 the company opened two new offices in Berlin (DE) and Stockholm (SWE). Since 2007 I have been teaching classic, acoustic and modern guitar, bass and ensemble music at "Creatività" School of Music based in Parma (IT). My current responsibilities also include activities for the Direction of Studies. Since 2005 I have been playing with "nokeys", a fast growing independent new-wave band active in Italy, Central Europe and Scandinavia, produced by Stefan Boman in Sweden. I think that Being a musician can't be a choice… Being a music manager is the natural consequence. Specialties Label & Publishing: - Art Direction & Productions - Label Management & Project Management - Strategy and music business solutions - Accounting - A&R Studio & Music Production: - Productions & Art Direction - Arrangements & Composition - Electronic and Acoustic performing and recording - Sound design and sound sculpturing - DAW: Logic Pro, Pro Tools - Graphics, Illustration and visual concepts - Video Editing - Teaching and professional music training - Live & Studio performing

Company profile

Born in 2005, SFEM – THE LADS PRODUCTIONS is an independent Publishing Group and Music Label, active in the production and development of new wave, rock, electronic and alternative rock bands and projects. Since 2007 we have been a dynamic “music factory” where concrete projects and talented artists can find space and help to grow. Nowadays our network operates in Italy and Europe, with a specific focus on the Scandinavian and Northern European music market: the factory manages a few bands (we believe in quality, not in quantity), which are currently touring around Europe and promoting their singles in order to build a strong fan base and to make people talk about them. All products are physically distributed in Italy and Europe by Audioglobe. SFEM - THE LADS PRODUCTIONS also offers artists and bands a complete package of tools to help them improve their appeal and competitiveness in the professional music business. A fully customizable suite of services and solutions including web site design & creation, press office & PR services, web, radio and video promotion, and much more. In 2009 SFEM started a brand new scientific project focused on Classical Music (SFEM Classic), together with Istituzione Casa della Musica di Parma (IT) and EMI Classic Europe, in order to bring historical and almost forgotten materials to the attention of the modern public. THE LADS PRODUCTIONS meanwhile specialized in new wave and alternative rock productions, opening in the 2011 a new base in Berlin (GER). A new office is about to be opened in Gothenburg (SWE), due to the increasing business in Central and Northern Europe. In 2011 SFEM - THE LADS PRODUCTIONS started the MSS (Mobile Studio Solution) project: we offer a complete mobile recording studio that we can bring to you with everything you need to record a simple demo or a complete and professional album. SFEM - THE LADS PRODUCTIONS is a member of PMI (Produttori Musicali Indipendenti).