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MAN IN A ROOM is songwriter and Music producer Steven Connolly. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland. He is a completely self-taught Composer, Producer and Lyricist. Influenced by many styles of music and artists from every era. Classical, Folk, Film Score, Jazz, World Music, Soul, Electronica, Drum and Bass... The List is as long as it is varied.  Not just musically influenced, he is also a keen observer of life. Of situations and of circumstances. Interested in Psychology, Science and Philosophy. In all things that lurk just beneath the surface or just out of view.  These factors are all manifested in his own work. He strives to be as eclectic as possible. Believing that almost any genre should be considered when developing the concept to communicate. He gives priority to the message in the music rather then any style used to achieve it.  Steven uses deep atmospheres, found sounds, acoustic and synth driven palettes as well as a number of talented guest voicalists and session Musicians from around the globe. All lending themselves to a very broad collection of work. He has released and Licensed Music with Record Labels including ZYX, Secret Life, Hed Kandi, Royal Plastic, MyMusic, Silver Angel, Clubstar, Nippi, Psychonavigation, Elevation Records, Queep Organic House and is currently working with LemonGrassMusic (Germany). His works have been featured on well over 200 Compilations world wide and is an Official nominee of the 2015 Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA's California)  His Music is always deep, always thoughtful and always emotive.

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