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Radio Presenter / 365 Radio Network Manager / Twitterholic / Music-Lover & Lots More !

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The 365 Radio Network is not your average internet radio station… We strive to create a network that is as unique as the artists we air and the listeners who tune in… Created by J.L. Hensley and co-owned by Sully McFly with the ideal to bring music to the world while at the same time getting up and coming Indie artists a chance to be heard… So when you join the 365 Radio Network… you are not only joining a powerful network that strives to bring Indie artists to the forefront but you are also joining a family…where it is our passion to bring others dreams to life… Submit your music to . One submission is all that is needed since we will consider you for the 365 Radio Network & Midwest Broadcasting Group Stations. Make sure all tracks are in mp3 format. Make sure all tracks are properly tagged with artist name and song title. Bands who submit tracks that are not properly tagged and in Mp3 format will be rejected and a email will be sent for you to correct and resubmit. Please list the stations that are currently supporting your music with airplay. Make sure to include all stations who specialize in supporting only indie music. When submitting your music send in all your most current tracks or your latest album release. If you have several albums submit all your music so we may have your music on hand for your fans for requests and shows. Do not only submit one or two songs for airplay support. If you only want support on a couple songs do not submit. We do not support any bands half way. Do not worry if you feel your music does not fit or concerned if it will. We will sort the music that will fit our stations and put them accordingly. Please submit links to your Twitter and Facebook pages. We will follow and support you on those accounts as well. It is necessary to submit your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you have them, so you may get our notifications. Once accepted with airplay support from our networks its important that you keep contact and your folder updated with new music as you release it. Bands who do not update their folder and current in 6 months will be removed from airplay support across both networks. At anytime you may resubmit to be considered again for airplay support if you are removed due to being inactive. We ask that we support each other completly. Our services for airplay support on our network are free. However we do ask we follow one another and that you follow us with your artist/band accounts. When following us we do watch and follow back everyone. If your not interested in following our network sites and willing to support us 100% as well then dont submit your music for airplay support. Below are our links so feel free to follow our network now and we encourage this be done now. There is no exception to this rule and effective as of June 19th 2014 this new policy takes effect. So please support and follow us now with your artist/band accounts to ensure no delays. LIKE Our Facebook Page: