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Аудио инженер   Композитор   Студия, звукозапись, аранжировка, ремиксы  
Электронная танцевальная   Рок   Кантри   Хип-хоп   R&B   Музыка к фильму  

Личный профиль

As an experienced producer/musician I've composed & produced music from Americana, Rock and Pop to Electronica over the years for labels and production companies such as Automatic Records, Snapper Records and Blue Water Music, (Nashville). My passion is to produce artists capturing their best performance and ultimately bring a more competitive edge to their songs.

Профиль компании

I mix and work 'In the Box' allowing me to comfortably process audio and 3rd party plugins at 48KHz 24 bit. My monitoring is Focal and Lavry to obtain the highest clarity when monitoring and detailing a mix.