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Con mi rumba a otra parte

  • Apr 7, 2015
  • Alternative
  • Spanish
Main info
Genre Alternative
Language Spanish
Tempo down-Tempo
  • Cheerful
Voice male
Author KINDE Jorge Herrera Kindelan
Release date 2005
Release artist KINDE
Song Description
The song talk about it uses of condon
Author info
04 Con mi rumba a otra parte
01 Alma de Pirata

Votes and comments

Rolf Höllrigl
Rolf Höllrigl 11/27/20 5:38 PM
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers 6/19/15 11:33 AM
"Song is ok but male vocal is out of tune. Female rap was unexpected but a nice twist."
Twin League
Twin League 4/26/15 11:41 AM
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 4/8/15 12:55 PM