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I am a strong, confident, happy person that believes in hard work and being committed to my goals and ambitions. I love helping people and feeling appreciated for my efforts. I look for a challenging role that is fun and has a certain amount of pressure to go with it. I excel under pressure and work well to targets. I am very forward thinking and thrive as a team player. I enjoy extending my skills to any problem and seeking a practical, workable solution, and like to see those around me achieve as well. Customer focus and performance excellence is important to me and I like to believe that I work well with management and colleagues to provide the best for any customer. I firmly believe that I have the life experience that will fulfil if not exceed the requirements of my role in business. From taking minutes to ensuring that records are accurate and up to date, I have at one time or another had to deal with most requirements. Working within the security field I believe gives me a confidence and assertivness and seeks to find the best solution for everyone in any situation. There is very little that I will shy away from even when I find the task at hand daunting. I am not affraid to admit my limitations and will always seek guidance and a helping hand where I know I need one. I am well versed with Microsoft Office programs, and work well with data management, having designed and implemented several operational packages for firms that I have worked with. Attention to detail and accuracy has always been paramount in previous roles that I have undertaken, from financial figures to rota management and book keeping. I believe that these skills and my ability to work well within targets, and my ability to manage my own time affectively add to my experience. Finally my desire to build a strong career and work hard for job security I believe stands me in good stead as an employee. Specialties:A firm understanding of Event Management and the operation elements of bringing a successful Event together. I can only measure our specialties from our Successes. Coors Battle of the Band Wales. Young Indie-pendent People Our Generation Tourism Africa Expo All African Business Expo

Профиль компании

Excell Management is a small independent Talent Agency that prides itself on its ability to work on a personal basis with all its clients. Excell Management works across a range of art forms, and we are very particular about choosing who we work with and the service we deliver. For this reason we have built a strong reputation for delivering the highest standard of service and production in the industry. From humble beginnings, we have developed a tried and tested formula for our business that brings results that customers on both side of the table can enjoy. We are not here to promise you the world, the arts and entertainment industry is renowned for its difficulty and expectation of the highest standards. It is for this very reason that we have decided to remain small and personal in order to ensure our client portfolio the very best of our attention and time. Hard work, practice and perseverance lead to brilliance and produce results time and time again and we encourage this with every individual, band, model and venue that we work with. Our scouts, training programs, partnerships and clients are all carefully managed to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge when it comes to managing and delivering far beyond these expectations. If it is a small, personal and friendly family that you are looking to work with, if you are diligent, hardworking and willing to apply yourself to the task, then we are eager to represent you at Excell Management. Contact us online and let us know what you have to offer, what it is that you are looking for or need, and we’ll get in touch to arrange to meet you and put your hopes, aspirations and desires into perspective and develop an action plan together that will deliver the dreams that we will share.