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My name is Rupert Cheek and I live in London, UK. I studied music for many years; including piano from the age of 5 - 22. Having graduated with a BMus in 2002 I went on to postgraduate study (composition for TV & Film) and performed as part of an international arts event (London, Edinburgh, Berlin) through a connection as University. I have worked as a pianist in primary education, been a drummer in various bands, and accompanied singers and songwriters. I'm also a part time composer and working on a music theatre / musical / opera project in my spare time. I’m very curious and I love asking questions, listening, learning and sharing what I’ve learnt. I relish helping people (musicians, entrepreneurs / startups, businesses) to connect online. I have been an active user of Facebook since 2007, Twitter since 2009 and LinkedIn.

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Cheeky Fest is an Arts festival; Art, Community, Dance, Education (@music4ed), Film, Funding (@CheekyStartups), Music, Networking, Opera (@waktm), Paid work, Performance, Poetry, Startups, Theatre. Help make Cheeky Fest happen; Join us for the cheeky sum of $0.99 a month - that's 75p and then get social by introducing yourself! I'll increase it to $1.99 on the 1st of June so join NOW to ensure you pay the lower price for the life of your membership. You get 3 days to try it out for FREE! I look forward to getting to know you. best wishes, Rupert. Stay Cheeky! https://cheekyfest.mn.co/about