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Personal profile

Born in Bonn, Germany, when the city was Western German capital, I moved to Cologne in the mid 1990s. I was always interested in music, cover design, remixes and management things since I was a teenager and began DJing in 1998. Since that time I worked regularly as a DJ in Cologne, Berlin, Münster, Koblenz and other German cities. In 2003 I moved to Berlin and worked there for the well known companies eBay Inc. and MySpace. I also produced myvery own album under the name "Gollum Smith" called "Stereotony" and a remix album called "HIStereotony", both released through Total Wipes, Italy, in 2006 (and still available online). As "Gollum Smith" I also worked on several remixes for Paul James or Vision X in corporation with the keyboarder Chamblz from UK. The remixes were released officially and became international hits. In 2008 we formed the band "Mind$trom" with me as producer, keyboardist Chamblz and singer Carrie S. We created our very own sound consisting of industrial, pop and house, composed a couple of songs and pre-produced them as demos. But after a year the band split up. The songs remained and were used for my second album "PopcornMuncher" under the new DJ-name "Jerry Delay". In 2010 I moved back to Cologne after an unsuccessful 2009. Together with the multi-instrumentalist, musician and producer Alexander Schmitz Jr. I established "Two Steps Productions" with an own studio in 2012. Since 2013 we worked on several productions and remixes on the one hand for their own projects and also for other artists. From 2015 the music label darumeshi records Ltd. was formed and registered in the UK. Alexander Schmitz Jr. produced several of the first albums which were released through the label and the label also signed American-Chilean singer-songwriter and chansonier José Promis.

Company profile

darumeshi records Ltd. was founded in 2015. The main reason was to establish a label that guarantees musicians an uncomplicated and fair release and sale of their products on an international basis. So the label has a strong commercial, international but also an artistic approach! darumeshi records - as an independent label - does not focus on only one music style only. It offers a stage for pop, dance, EDM, electronica, cabaret, acoustic music, R&B, Soul, Worldmusic etc. By January 2016 darumeshi records has signed four great artists/bands: Jerry Delay (pop, industrial, house), Project M (dance, pop, acoustic, epic pop), Promis (pop, cabaret, piano pop, world music), Lod-G (tropical house, electronica) and local German act Rebount (German rap, electronica). So, the music label reaches an incredible diversity of music styles and unique artists and a great pool of remixers for singles. After the loss of Project M, Rebount and Lod-G, the label also focusses on the release of single dance music tracks. Also, the label signed three Austrian artists: A.Voltage (pop, dance, EDM), Wolfrick (dance, pop, EDM) and Emma Hawk (singer).