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French Girls larkpro remix

  • Feb 27, 2014
  • House
  • English
French Girls larkpro remix
Main info
Genre House
Language English
Tempo up-Tempo
  • Danceable
  • Energetic
  • Happy
Voice mixed
Author 47
Release date 2014
Release artist The Regent of the Planet - larkpro
Song Description
Leon Larkin,Miami produced the powerful larkpro dance remix.The Original Mix was the single for the REGENT´s REGENERATION compilation.A funny varieté chanson praising the special virtues of french girls.
Author info
Bernhard Faaß - Regent of the Planet GEMA Mitglied Nr.938 069 Verses & Music composer with classical and autodidactical education. Instruments Guitar (E & Ac), Piano, Bass...Read & Write notes to the level of orchestral score Webpage Leon Larkin has written songs for various german & international artists,ZDF´s Traum Hochzeit,the Berlin "Festival of Lights" and "I'm European".
French Girls Larkpro Remix
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Votes and comments

Shermar  Stuart
Shermar Stuart 12/13/18 8:02 AM
Peter Herynek
Peter Herynek 4/2/18 10:40 AM
Paweł Tomaszewski
Paweł Tomaszewski 11/30/16 10:01 AM
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 9/28/16 9:58 AM
Jürgen J. Fischer
Jürgen J. Fischer 6/6/15 12:28 PM
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 7/2/14 8:51 AM
"Geht schnell ins Ohr.........Samples gut eingesetzt !"
Martin Thorwarth
Martin Thorwarth 12/29/12 11:21 PM
"schönes Lied!"
Kathrin Clara Jantke
Kathrin Clara Jantke 12/17/12 4:35 PM
"auskomponiert bestimmt echt ein Ohrwurm"
Frank Miedema
Frank Miedema 12/11/12 8:56 PM
Herbert Gauderer
Herbert Gauderer 12/7/12 11:59 AM
Andrew James Liles
Andrew James Liles 8/8/12 5:02 PM
"Very happy, upbeat song with simple guitar to accompany. If I understood German, perhaps the lyrics would speak to me enough for a 5. Well done!"
Music2Deal Support - Nora
Music2Deal Support - Nora 7/30/12 8:31 AM
"Schöner Song"
Rolando Belli
Rolando Belli 5/30/12 3:21 PM
Music2Deal Support -  Nora
Music2Deal Support - Nora 5/24/12 7:39 AM
"Schöner Song :)"
Chalam +
Chalam + 5/24/12 4:35 AM
"One good song! :)"
Rudolf  Dahlinger
Rudolf Dahlinger 5/23/12 8:08 PM
"Guter Song:"