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Metal   Experimental   Country   Unclassifiable   Instrumental   Alternative   Rock   Blues   Pop   Jazz  

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I´m basically a guitarplayer with eduation in classical guitar (Per-Olof Hedlund and Peder Riis), music theory and history from Sjövik´s folkhögskola (3 years) and Kävesta folkhögskola (1 year) in Sweden. Autodidact in electric guitar. Experience in playing, from classical music, hardrock, funk, pop, metal, punk. Experience in arranging from choir a capella and Choir with wind instruments. I love different kinds of music, but have a special connection with Hardrock and Symphonic metal.

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Located in Egg, bei Zürich, in Switzerland. What I provide is songs, pieces of instrumental music and lyrics in English (or Swedish). Style is just the clothes of a song to be dressed in. The same song can be performed in the suite of a jazzballad as well as dressed in hardrock, reggae or something else. My intention is to find out what works for You.