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The today privat, independent, non-profit project Bands & Breakfast, based in Switzerland, Zurich, was born in 2014 as a hobby. Initially, with only a single booking from a Finnish metal band, the decision grew to offer this to other genre-related musicians and bands from the genres Rock, Metal, Gothic, EDM, EBM, and Techno. In 2016, Bands & Breakfast already had up to 20 bookings in the current year. In addition to the then free accommodation and meals in their own apartment, the offer has been steadily expanded and the foundations for success refined. So we offer not only accommodation and food but also recreational activities, promo shows on a partner web radio, live recordings of concerts and our own baked goods such as cakes or pies to our guests. But that alone should not remain and in early 2019, after a short, spontaneous consideration, we decided to offer the offer across genres, for all musicians and bands from abroad who have shown in Switzerland. The respective awareness status does not matter to us. Whether a world star or underground band, everyone is welcome to get to know an extraordinary concept. Much more important, however, is that Bands & Breakfast is a pioneer in terms of cooperation and cooperation and wants to expand its offerings in the long term to many times. In addition to a hotel-like guesthouse, Bands & Breakfast plans partnerships, patronage, and donations not only to make its offer more attractive to bands and musicians but also to expand it into other areas of the music business. Plans include: A recording studio with a rehearsal room lying over it in a treehouse, where labels and producers with touring bands can work on new pieces during a tour, A wellness and spa area where our guests can relax and unwind, away from the daily routine of the tour An open-air area, where bands and musicians can host events at their own expense or in cooperation with local promoters. and much more. A media space where print, online, web, and other media work, interviews with musicians and bands at any time to make arrangements or live reports from events on-site and much more. Above all, it is important for us to have reliable and open partners so that we can support each other. For further questions, we are always available! Just write and it will be answered in a timely manner. If you would like to know more about our project, feel free to take a look at our official Facebook page. If someone wants to support us financially, they are welcome to transfer a financial donation in the amount of their personal choice to the following account: All proceeds generated by patronage and donations will invariably benefit the project and will be needed to expand and promote our plans.