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Un éventail

  • Oct 17, 2015
    • Chanson
    • Dance Electronica
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Un éventail
  • Chanson
  • Dance Electronica
  • Pop
  • Easy Listening
Type Band
Country Belgium
  • French
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Here there is a small range of the work : 1) "Le Souffle de tes mains", This song, sexy enough and light is the source of the video clip found on YouTube at (I can not insert the link in the corresponding frame made copy / paste and search) Frankly I must thank the team of Noonz, especially Uyttenhoven Thierry for his involvement both artistically, rélisation, and for giving me enormous technical resources. The result is, for me, fabulous. It was indeed my first music video. The song speaks of relational sensuality and intimate moments with poetry. The song is gently evocative. 2) "The Solitary Black Hour", more electro. Much darker as in its approach and also video clip proves The song is in English and describes a great anguish. 3) "I've lost my Soul" We are finally here. Here we enter the new concept or cornering, it's like you want. This title is here as a demo, because it is in studio recording and 4) "Michele" and 5) "You". The quality is good enough to be presented here. These three titles are in progress and a dozen others too.
1) Le souffle de tes mains (2015_10_09 12_50_04 UTC)
The Solitary Black Hour
I've lost my soul.
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Chalam +
Chalam + 9/2/17 6:36 AM
"Superb! :)"
Mimidhof 10/18/15 5:20 AM
"This musical song is really coherent, it offer a hot picture and makes you disconnect for a moment.. greatly produced, couldn't it be a female choirs?"