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Music Producer
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Film/TV   Remixer & Studio  
Soundtrack   Metal   Classical   Indie   Unclassifiable   Instrumental   Dance Electronica   Jingles   Rock   Pop  

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“At the age of 12 the magic of music hit me for the first time and I started to play keyboards. I developed a big passion for popular music and began to learn more about harmony. I was fascinated how sound, melody and harmony are able to express so various emotions. After graduating from high school I started out as a keyboard player which gave me a great opportunity to work with many different artists. Besides, this also led me to be part of the development of an act called “Monilla”, which received the „Austrian Newcomer Award“ in February 2010 as one of 6 bands. My passion for music and sound in motion picture came simultaneously while playing and studying music. Working together with director Reina Marie Loader on the score for her film „Cutting Silence“ (funded by the Austrian Department of Women’s Affairs) was a great experience and led me to delve even further into scoring for motion picture. I also wrote lots of audio jingles during this period of time and therefore it became necessary to learn more about engineering and mixing. In my opinion mixing and a high production value ist equally important as the composition itself. I really enjoy collaborating with professionals who have lots of creative energy.”

Company profile

- music production, recording, mixing, keyboards - composition, arrangements, sound-design (branding) orchestral, drums, guitars, percussions, electronic, songwriting, commercials, music for websites, film scores, jingles, signations - Edits, Remixes