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"It's Not Strange"

  • Sep 11, 2013
  • Country
  • English
Main info
Genre Country
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Romantic
Voice male
Author Singer: Gale Breen
Song Description
Visiting the site and searching for rhyming words,I was drawn towards the word,"strange." This word prompted me to write the song.It's strange! Maybe not.
Author info
Author: Chalam
"It's Not Strange"

Votes and comments

John Meisel
John Meisel 12/30/14 8:28 AM
twin league s&p
twin league s&p 12/18/14 4:19 PM
Robert Nilsson
Robert Nilsson 12/3/14 7:15 PM
"Very nice song and production."
Uwe Schmidt
Uwe Schmidt 11/29/14 6:29 AM
"A hit!"
Jo Dorsheimer
Jo Dorsheimer 10/5/14 5:36 PM
"A really good production and a clever arrangement!"
Paul van Ackeren
Paul van Ackeren 8/9/14 10:46 AM
"Beautiful song - beautiful voice - beautiful violin!"
Gayatri S
Gayatri S 8/7/14 4:59 AM
Bernd Haselmann
Bernd Haselmann 7/24/14 3:44 PM
"Pleasant song, very professional production!"
Dennis Urban
Dennis Urban 7/14/14 2:21 PM
"Very Nice Song, good Sound and production!"
Zoe Hodges
Zoe Hodges 7/6/14 5:37 PM
"This is brilliant! Production great, Lyrics great, I love it!"
Philipp Zanella
Philipp Zanella 7/4/14 10:16 AM
Mahmoud Altaf
Mahmoud Altaf 6/28/14 2:27 PM
James (Franz)  Kurjak
James (Franz) Kurjak 6/19/14 4:13 PM
"Very nice song.Very Professional."
Monty Krah
Monty Krah 6/19/14 7:54 AM
""Nice ballad!""
Don White
Don White 6/6/14 3:50 PM
"Great song -- superb production!"
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 6/6/14 6:24 AM
"Wonderful Ballad"
Levent Gökalp
Levent Gökalp 5/31/14 6:52 PM
Julian Köster
Julian Köster 5/29/14 9:32 AM